UI/UX Designer & Dev

Research - Wireframing - Prototype - Design Systems - Responsive Web Layout - Digital Marketing - Human Centered Design - Git - Agile.


Design traduction to functional layout.

Tattoo raffle for individuals or shops

Wireframe, prototype and design system overview for Raffle Tatt.


Prototypes and UI design translation to code. Also case study of a re-design for an internal ticket tool.


A UI layout challenge. A navigation menu with content like paragraphs.


A tool for recipies and possibilities for internal chef's from the company. From brief to technical prototype.


Wordpress site development for a very fun company. Also some music production.




A technical prototype for a live experience and test of layout solution.


Motion graphic for SAMSUNG.

About myself

My name is Gonzalo. I'm a UI/UX Designer & Dev. My work goes from research, design, wireframing, prototyping to the translation of the design into a functional experience, coding the UI ready for handoff. I have 8+ years experience working with

start-ups or big companies with Html, Css, frameworks like Angular or React, design systems, CMS's, E-commerce and digital marketing. Today I work with technologies like Node - Bootstrap - React - Angular - SASS - Figma - InVision - Adobe Suite - After Effects.